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PC Gaming on a Mac!

Posted by senseichow on August 22, 2006

Parallels and full speed gaming

This has been well digg’d already, but is worth checking out. If you really could run the latest, tastiest PC games on a Mac, at native/near native speeds, without ever having to leave the comfort of your own OS X………

There’s really no reason to deny yourself one of the sweet sweet Mac Pros.

I’ll be watching this one with interest.



2 Responses to “PC Gaming on a Mac!”

  1. Peter Hartley said

    OK, I’ve seen Macs in the Apple shop in the Trafford Centre and yes they do look good, but what else is good about them? What can they do that my windows laptop can’t do? NB: This is a genuine question… I have often wondered why some Mac owners are so keen on them, but I’ve always been put off by the incompatibility with lots of software that I love, and the expense. What’s all the fuss about?

  2. senseichow said

    You’re asking a good question there Pete.

    The answer varies from Mac user to Mac user, but for me, I’d say Macs do everything that a Windows computer can do, but better. The standard statement is that “Macs just work”. They just seem to be a lot more intuitive than PCs, the built in software like Pages and Keynote is miles ahead of Word and Powerpoint, and they’re far more virus and crash resistant.

    And as far as price goes the new quad-core Mac Pro is actually a darn sight cheaper than a similarly specced Dell PC.

    The only thing that would stop me from switching completely to Mac at this point is the gaming issue. PC games won’t run on a Mac without something like Boot Camp installed, and I don’t want to have to log out of Mac Os X to play my favourite games.

    But who knows, if Parallels get their 3d gaming support working that won’t be an issue anymore…..

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