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Why Terry Goodkind Sucks (Part One)

Posted by senseichow on August 25, 2006

I actually enjoyed my first read of Wizard’s First Rule. I really did. Sure the two hundred odd pages near the end of the book where it turns into an S&M manual did raise my eyebrow, but I managed to look past that. I’m a forgiving sort of guy. Then I read Stone of Tears and I thought, wow, the guy’s stolen a lot from Jordan but what the hell, its still a damn good read. And there’s practically no S&M! Blood of the Fold continued the tradition of good solid reads, but from there it all started to go downhill.

Temple of the Winds left me with a….. certain feeling of ‘meh’. The same old characters were there, the same kind of stuff was happening, but not in the way we were used to. It seemed like while the big stuff was going on in the book, there were even bigger background shifts in the way Goodkind was trying to write the story. And the bit at the end where Kahlan cheats on Richard and he ends up asking for her forgiveness….. wtf?

Then came Faith of the Fallen. Whoo boy! Sometime between books 4 and 5 (or maybe even between 3 and 4), Goodkind went and discovered Ayn Rand.


One Response to “Why Terry Goodkind Sucks (Part One)”

  1. Adam said

    I agree his first book was pretty good and his second one. But then after about book 3 you start to notice that if the material wasnt recycled from an earlier book it was stolen from Wheel of Time, such as the witches in there time expanding castle (Aes Sedai) or the fact that Richard is the only one who can do what he does and its a lost art from the pre-age such as is the basis of Rands existance from Wot (but this is a common theme in many sci-fi series’ and is forgivable. But the way that like 3 or 4 of the books was based on Rand… oops i mean Richard was sepperated from Kahlan(and its not just 1 long sepperation either). And the Prophacy in it.. jesus dont insult us. An example of Goodkind prophecy would be “Richard will draw his own blood in vanity, and the world shall tremble” translation: Richard will cut him self while shaving during an earthquake.

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