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Browser Wars

Posted by senseichow on March 16, 2007

Safari or Firefox as browser of choice for Macs?

Safari has that native Mac feel, and its fast. But it doesn’t work well with all websites. Gmail makes it crash on my machine (which really sucks). Blogger and WordPress’ post editing options don’t display fully in Safari either. Firefox on the other hand is probably the world’s best web browser. Its extremely secure and is compatible with just about everything. It just doesn’t feel very Mac like and it feels (this is purely subjective) just a little bit slower than Safari.

At the moment I’m using Safari as my default browser and have Firefox set just for editing this blog and using Gmail. (I used to have Camino for this task but in the end I decided might as well just use the original Firefox instead of a slightly watered down version.)

I’m hoping the upcoming improvements to Safari in Leopard will let me finally complete the switch, but who knows, Firefox 3 is coming too. Guess I’ll just have to watch and wait.


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