The Darkness That Comes After

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Martin Tries To Escape The Keyboard, Fans Say “No Deal!” And Chain Him Back To It

Posted by senseichow on March 16, 2007

Ok so this is just over a month old now, so not exactly breaking news. What the heck though, its my blog and I’ll post what I like on it.

I occasionally check out George RR Martin’s website, just to get an update on how A Dance With Dragons is doing. Imagine my suprise on reading this latest update from the man himself.

There’s no denying that he’s a great author. A Song of Ice and Fire has certainly left its mark on the fantasy landscape and no doubt A Dance With Dragons will be yet another runaway success when its released.

Reading between the lines of his post though, it almost seems like he’s getting tired and annoyed, not just with the fans who keep heckling him for updates on the books, but on the very act of writing the ASOIAF books themselves. You don’t need a genius to tell you that this would be “A Very Bad Thing.” When authors get tired of their work they start running out of ideas and write to match the word count rather than the quality of their previous work. Let’s hope Martin doesn’t turn out this way.


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