The Darkness That Comes After

Believe in me and I will give you eternal Salvation, said the Lord. “Can I have Might or Kings instead?” asked the tank.

300 Kicks Ass, Takes Names

Posted by senseichow on March 22, 2007

This baby just got released in the UK tonight and I went to check it out with a friend. Much as I’d love to wax long and lyrical about its virtues, Penny Arcade’s Tycho can do far more justice to this film that I can.

Suffice to say, its pretty freaking amazing, and I envy you lucky bastards in the US who got to see this a whole two weeks before us poor saps in the UK. The greenscreen effects are gonna be setting standards for the whole film industry for the next decade (in my opinion anyway……. but bear in mind I know squilch about the whole film industry 🙂

I’ve heard some rumors of a sequel, but I can’t possibly see how that would work out. What’s he going to call it? 400?

In the meantime, check out The Daily Show’s analysis of the film’s reception in Persia.


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