The Darkness That Comes After

Believe in me and I will give you eternal Salvation, said the Lord. “Can I have Might or Kings instead?” asked the tank.

Smallville Update – Season 6 Episode 17 – Combat

Posted by senseichow on March 23, 2007

Anyone disappointed by lack of action in last week’s episode is in for a pleasant suprise as Clark faces off against an escaped Zoner named Titan in an underground super-powered fight club.

But first, he has to deal with a surprise opponent in the ring. In the meanwhile, Lex and Lana’s relationship takes an unexpected turn.

A lot of fancy special effects in this episode – plenty of slow motion super strength combat, and at the end of it all Clark learns something about himself. A good episode overall, although it seemed to gloss over a few issues (like why Clark would expose his face to the whole Internet?) and he still hasn’t done anything to find out exactly why Lana changed her mind in last week’s episode.

Knowing what Clark does about Lex, its hard to believe he’d just let Lex stay with Lana – but from the way things ended in this episode it looks like we’ll see more developments on that front pretty soon.

Nice cameo by the Green Arrow on the security camera too.


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