The Darkness That Comes After

Believe in me and I will give you eternal Salvation, said the Lord. “Can I have Might or Kings instead?” asked the tank.

Upcoming Reads

Posted by senseichow on April 1, 2007

I’m going to start reading Brian Lumley’s Necroscope: The Touch next.

Yesterday I bought Gail Z. Martin’s The Summoner based on some good comments on it over at the Malazan Empire forums, and I’ve also ordered Daniel Abraham’s A Shadow In Summer based on an interview with the author over at Fantasy Book Critic. They should keep me busy for the next week or two.

Still waiting on my copy of The Name Of The Wind, unfortunately. According to Amazon it may not get delivered until well into April 😦

Had to give up on The Hickory Staff; while the concept was interesting the characters felt flat and the world just didn’t feel real enough. I only managed a couple of hundred pages into the book before stopping. Ah well.


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