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Update – Confessor by Terry Goodkind (…I feel so dirty)

Posted by senseichow on April 14, 2007

Remember the opening scene of the 1997 movie Batman and Robin, when director Joel Schumacher took out his wang and personally urinated on every single member of the audience, thus preparing them for what was to follow?

Well, I just had a flashback to that scene. Yeah. You see, I checked out the TG website this morning. (shudder).

He’s hard at work on the next, and final, strictly no fantasy here, oh no, novel in the Sword of Truth series. Its called Confessor and is due for a November 2007 release date.

Here’s the preview blurb.

Descending into darkness, about to be overwhelmed by evil, those people still free are powerless to stop the coming dawn of a savage new world, while Richard faces the guilt of knowing that he must let it happen. Alone, he must bear the weight of a sin he dare not confess to the one person he loves…and has lost. Join Richard and Kahlan in the concluding novel of one of the most remarkable and memorable journeys ever written. It started with one rule, and will end with the rule of all rules, the rule unwritten, the rule unspoken since the dawn of history.

When next the sun rises, the world will be forever changed.

Unnamed sources say that theme and plot are expected to make an appearance in the book, with characterization possibly to follow.

At least we can console ourselves with the news that its the last in the Sword of Truth series.

(And no links, I’ll be damned if I link to a TG book).

(And I mean that literally. There’s like, tiny demons… right here… waiting to damn me.)

UPDATE: It doesn’t feel right to end a post without links. So here’s some from Inchoatus, old, but still well worth reading, especially the first one;

Goodkind’s Rant: A rebuttal of the more prosperous utterances of this prolific author

The Leadership of Richard Rahl: or, Richard is always right 


6 Responses to “Update – Confessor by Terry Goodkind (…I feel so dirty)”

  1. Nikki said

    I actually bought the last book of his. The ‘phantom’ I believe. Still on my pending book list, as a book that is boring as hell, but I might get to it when I have nothing left to read… and nothing I feel like re-reading. I think it was about the third long winded speach about the ‘good’ or the second random act of Richard so called intuitive brilliance that I gave up. I would hate to leave any book unfinished, but I am sorely tempted.

  2. Charlie said

    Why do you read something you don’t like? Why not read a book you do like and then give positive critique on it. Otherwise you end up being negative half the time because writers don’t write to please everybody, just the ones that share their similarities.

  3. andrew said

    i just finished phantom and i cant wait for confessor. i honestly havent followed on what comes next, so i was surprised by how phantom left me hanging. as soon as i finnished the book, i jumped on my computer and looked at the full list of his works. i missed not only that there’s one more book, but that there is a brief look into zedd’s past (debt of bones). i think that from now on, if i read a series, that i will check the list to make sure im not missing anything.

  4. Ayani said

    Wow. Why on earth would you spend so much of your time and energy reading and writing about a book series you hate so much? Do you really have nothing better to do with your time than spew garbage that only makes a semblance of sense if one is as gifted as you seem to be with the ability to invert logic after every few words? Honestly, either find something you do enjoy reading, or read Goodkind’s work again so you might have a chance of coming up with a legitimate complaint. If nothing else, you might actually learn something and move beyond seeking to demean others for nothing more than your personal gratification.

  5. senseichow said

    Sorry about the delay in approving comments guys.

    As for your questions – there are plenty of authors I don’t like, so I don’t read their books and stay well away. The thing with TG is that unlike other authors he sets himself up so easily – his in your face, self serving “philosophy”, his ridiculous belief that he is not a fantasy writer, his well publicized disdain for other fantasy writers who have way more talent than he does – he’s just begging to be mocked. Just…. begging.

    If you enjoy the books though, fair enough, don’t take what I say too seriously:)

  6. JW said

    TG may say that he is not a fantasy writer and may criticsie the works of other writers in the fantasy genre, but as he does admit his books have the element of fantasy within them. You also have to take into account that the original idea for the sword of thruth was only to be really nothing more than a way to lay down TG’s thoughts. He did not take the time to establish if he wante4d to be a fantasy writer or what gnre the book was going to be.

    But everyone needs feedback on what others think of their work, and if you cannot handle negative criticism then you will should not wirte.

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