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Best. Dialogue. Ever.

Posted by senseichow on April 14, 2007

Once I would have said Erikson. Or Pratchett. Heck even Jordan has his good points.

But no longer.

Check this out.

A voice was heard to say, “Who dares disturb the crypt of the Immortal Space Bitches?”
“I am Grimm Shado,” said Grimm Shado, triple wand claws extending. “And I am here to take it to the limit.”

From page 179 of the author LH Franzibald’s seminal work, The Song Of The Sorcelator.

Here’s some more, in case you liked that last one. And how could you do anything but like that last one, given the sheer transcendent post-modern apocalyptic awesomeness of the writing?

Steadying himself atop the speeding Lamborghini, the Sorcelator drew his twin wands, Hurt and Burn. He was going to make damn sure the Pirate Assassins and their Metal Friends rued this day, and rued it hard.

The Ninja Shaman teetered awesomely at the edge of the rooftop; his motile lettuce Foodnillar likewise teetered. “Let’s take this to the limit,” he sneered at Grimm. “Let’s take this to the limit extreme.”

And here’s a brief excerpt from the second Tome of the series, Night After Dark;

“Come—taste the blade,” urged Seductryanyca, the words dripping awesomely from her well glossed cyberLips. Holding the Wandfyreblade lightly in one of her multi-faceted cyber-diamond circlets, she issued Grimm a challenge – one that he’d have to answer in the only way he knew how: immediately, and with awesomenity.”

This second Tome of the series (and I’m quoting shamelessly from the wiki here), “continues the way-rad adventures of Grimm Shado. While taking a brief respite at the Bangin’ Sexx Gardens of Landoramm-IV, Shado encounters a totally hot band of recently dismissed pole dancers. Their only crime: being too smokingly fine. Shado uncovers an intricate web of full-on evil, which he quickly spanks – and spanks hard.

If you want more, and after such a feast of literary extremeness, I see no reason why you shouldn’t; check out the Penny Arcade comic strip on The Song Of The Sorcelator – Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five.

If only a real publisher would take up this series… sigh.

Maybe its just too awesome for them.


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Feature – Da Vinci Automata

Posted by senseichow on April 13, 2007

Just a couple of days ago I received an e-mail from these guys asking me to check out a relatively new blog, all about the Clockpunk sub-genre of Science Fiction.

Until I read the e-mail I had no idea there even was a Clockpunk sub-genre of Science Fiction, but, my curiosity aroused, I went off to see what it was all about. Turns out its kinda like Steampunk but with less steam and more clocks 🙂

And you know what, the site itself is pretty cool! There’s up and coming news about Clockpunk, a chance to get involved in a Clockpunk Anthology Project (check out the cracking short story A Matter of Heart), and a link to a very intriguing novel on the front page (Mainspring by Jay Lake).

Check it all out here.

And if my humble words aren’t enough for you, how about this? They’ve been BoingBoinged! You can’t go wrong with an endorsement from the mighty Cory Doctorow himself 🙂

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