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Zomg! U has traffic?!!!one1oneone!!

Posted by senseichow on November 14, 2007

Months between updates and you guys still leave comments on this site?!!

Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

I may well start blogging again…….


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“It’s now pronounced…. Hal-i’bra-toun”

Posted by senseichow on March 16, 2007

The Daily Show takes on Halliburton’s move to Dubai.

While we’re at it, can anyone explain to me why iFilm gets to keep these clips while GooTube gets the hell sued out of it for doing the exact same thing? Am I missing something here?

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Updated Look

Posted by senseichow on March 16, 2007

Ah sweet Dusk 1.1 – you shall be the new face of this blog.

Nope, nope, turns out its Andreas09 instead.

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Posted by senseichow on March 16, 2007

As you eagle-eyed readers will no doubt have realized already, I’ve moved this blog from Blogger to WordPress. Great things must surely follow………

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Posted by senseichow on March 12, 2007

Ok so this is just a test post, to see if the HTML features will work on Camino. I’ve tried using Safari but no luck unfortunately 😦

Seems to be working fine so far. The bold and italic options are working.

Just wish there was something as good as Windows Live Writer available for the Mac. Say what you like about Microsoft, they can (occasionally) churn out good software.


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To Believer or Not to Believe?

Posted by senseichow on February 19, 2007

Here’s a new post to kick start all the new bloggage I’ll be doing. has an interesting blog debate between Sam Harris (a prominent author) and Andrew Sullivan (a prominent Sunday Times journalist) about religion – specifically, the age old question, “Does God exist?”.

While they start from there they cover a lot of topics in the subsequent posts. They both present their arguments well and the whole thing is worth a read whether you’re an atheist or of a religious disposition.

Check it out.

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Missing in Action?

Posted by senseichow on February 19, 2007

Nope. Just been a little (a lot?) lazy with the updating that’s all. I will start posting on a more regular basis, for all (1-2) the people reading this blog, this work of art 🙂


(oh and I’ll be leaving the Terry Goodkind article at Part One for now)

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Posted by senseichow on August 22, 2006


A big welcome to everyone. This is my first attempt at a blog so bear (ha ha ha ha ha…. get it?…… no?…… really?….. did you look at the photo?….) with me. Its going to be a small scale blog about stuff that interests me, mainly sci-fi and fantasy books, PC gaming, and the latest PC and Mac developments. I may also write about a few medical things (I’m a doctor in the UK) but I’ll try to keep that to a minimum.



So if you’re not a fantasy geek, then you should probably leave already. 🙂

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